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Cajun Strangers
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Boo Mullarky, guitar

A native born Cajun, Boo was immersed in the music, language, food and culture of Acadiana from day one. He was born into the Cajun enclave in Southeast Texas around Beaumont. In high school his family moved to Acadia Parish and he spent the next ten years living in Southwestern Louisiana. Boo's great uncle, Minos Broussard, was one of the original guitar players for the Hackberry Ramblers and gave Boo his first lesson on the six-string at the age of five. Boo has been playing guitar ever since and specializes in rural Southern picking styles. Years of finger-style and slide guitar playing made lap steel a natural cross-over. Boo was asked to join the Cajun Strangers after he showed up at one of the shows and sang the song his father always requested for his mother, "'Tit Yeaux Noir", by Lawrence Walker.